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For information about vacant units and leasing opportunities please contact our letting agents:

Nick McAllester
Tel: 0161 359 4306
Mobile: 07824 412 290
Email: [email protected]

Green & Partners

Adam Bindman
Tel: 020 7659 4822
Mob: 07825 442413
Email: [email protected]

You can also find out more information about this shopping centre at Completely Retail.

A1 Poster Site Advertising

In partnership with Positive Media Marketing, we have big A1 poster sites (2 foot x 3 foot frames) located in key spots around the centre where thousands will view your message every day.

Our poster sites are both effective and affordable, because they are positioned in captive areas where people stand, wait and want something to read or look at.

For further information please contact Simon Grant at:

[email protected]

or visit