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‘Chicken and egg’ debate finally cracked by Crompton Place shoppers

Posted on 20th April 2018

Bolton says winner, winner chicken dinner

Shoppers at Crompton Place Shopping Centre have spoken, and the results are in – it was the chicken that came first, which finally shuts down the debate that has stumped locals and worldly scholars alike.

People from across Bolton and beyond can now rest after shoppers at Crompton Place solved the centuries-old riddle of what came first? The chicken or the egg? This week at the shopping centre – through the advanced technology of fun-filled games and the ‘Chicken and Egg Big Ball Voting Machine’ – the chicken came out in first place.

Team Chicken stormed to victory having successfully clocked up the most votes, with an army of families having a smashing time winning more Easter treats during the chicken and egg race track game than Team Egg. Young event-goers also had fun decorating egg cups, which they took home as a memento from the day.

The results from the games and voting were verified by a non-independent adjudicator – Paula Wood, centre manager at Crompton Place. She said watching the conclusion of one of life’s greatest head-scratchers unfold had been nail-biting. “There you have it, Boltonians have solved the mystery! Going forward any disputes can be quashed in an instant thanks to Crompton Place shoppers. I, myself was Team Chicken so I’m feeling particular pleased with the results.”

Paula explained that more than 120 people got involved and secured their position in Crompton Place’s history books. She added: “We love putting on fun, memorable events for our visitors and wanted to offer an Easter activity that was a little different from the norm this year. It was very well received, and I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part and voted – I hope you all had fantastic amounts of fun at Crompton Place.”

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