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No.1 Currency success going from strength to strength despite Brexit uncertainty

Posted on 22nd August 2017

Crompton Place retailer offers holidaymakers top tips for travelling abroad

The question on the lips of those about to jet off to sunnier climes this summer, is often, ‘where to buy foreign currency at the best exchange rate?’ – and the answer for Bolton locals could very well be at Crompton Place-based, No.1 Currency.

Bolton’s travel money hotspot is bucking the trend of post-Brexit uncertainty, with the business successfully maintaining its popularity due to its excellent service and great offers. No.1 Currency recently celebrated birthday number two at the centre, which saw customers receiving priority rates on foreign currency purchases made during a special two-day event.

Paula Wood, Centre Manager at Crompton Place, was proud to count the currency exchanger as one of its top destinations for customers to visit ahead of a trip abroad. She said: “With the Brexit cloud hanging over us, the pound is in a state of flux where we’re not sure what could happen next.

“This makes it much more difficult for the public to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, when changing money,” said Paula. “No.1 Currency’s success over the last two years is down to all the hard work its team puts into securing the best rates and offering great advice such as how not to get stung by high charges while on holiday.”

Despite a 0.3% increase in the UK economy in the second quarter of the year – which has been attributed mainly to retail spending – the pound is still struggling against the euro. Alex Ellis, Store Manager at No.1 Currency, said: “Exchange rates are notoriously unpredictable and more so now with the current political climate.

“It’s completely understandable that people may feel more apprehensive than usual about when and where to get their holiday money,” Alex said. “It can be a time-consuming minefield searching for deals, so we want to share some of our tips on how to make the process as stress-free as possible.”

· We advise purchasing currency ahead of travelling as airports are always more expensive, through worse rates and charges.

· Try to avoid buying currency using a credit card, as the majority of card providers class this sort of transaction as a cash advance – probably resulting in charges on your bill!

· Avoid paying for goods and services overseas with a credit or debit card. Many make very high charges and some also offer poor exchange rates.

· Take a selection of notes. If you’re paying for accommodation when you arrive at a resort, for example, take larger notes to pay for that and keep it separate from your spending money.

· If you’re going on an exotic break, make sure to leave time to order your currency. There’s lots of currency we have access to but don’t always keep in branch, so giving a few days’ notice of requirements means you won’t be rushing around the day before trying to get some or getting it at the airport.

· No.1 Currency has an online ordering system where customers can place their order and then just pop into branch and pay and collect. This convenience means there’s no disappointment in having to return to the shop as we will have notification of the order and it’ll be ready on time.

· Beware of some currency providers’ ‘special rates’ as it could be that you need to spend over a certain amount to get the ‘better rate’, or they only have larger denomination notes. Our rates are for everyone, with no minimum spend.

“We are fully committed to offering the best possible rates that make people’s money go further while enjoying a sunny break away, and also when selling their unspent currency back to us when they return.” Alex added.

Paula added: “The team at No.1 Currency are incredibly knowledgeable and we hope these tips will help holidaymakers feel much more confident in exchanging their money and get their trip off to a great start.”